Professional Commercial Cleaning in Albany

Commercial Cleaning

Experience the purity of natural light through spotless windows with SuperHero Cleaning Services LLC. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional window cleaning services in Albany and the surrounding areas. Our team of experts is committed to excellence, using top-quality methods and products to leave your windows sparkling. We transform your space with clarity and brightness, bringing a fresh perspective to your home or office. Trust the cleaning superheroes to elevate the appeal and brightness of your environment – discover the difference with SuperHero Cleaning Services LLC!


Lobby Cleaning

  • Dusting of Furniture in Designated Areas
  • Thorough Cleaning and Windexing of All Glass Tables
  • Sweeping and Mopping of Floors, Along with Vacuuming Carpets
  • Emptying of All Trash Cans
  • Wiping Down the Main Door Entrance
  • Cleaning of All Interior Glass Surfaces


  • Daily vacuuming to remove debris from all floor surfaces, including tile
  • Thorough disinfectant mopping of hard floors and tiled areas
  • Regular emptying of waste bins, washing as necessary, and adding new liners
  • Utilization of standard glass cleaner to wipe down all glass surfaces
  • Damp-wiping of hard surfaces using a mild disinfectant
  • Polishing of brass and bright work
  • Cleaning of walls and painted surfaces as required
  • Wiping down of door handles, light switches, and baseboards
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Restroom Cleaning

  • Emptying trash bins
  • Refilling of soap, paper towels, and toilet paper dispensers
  • Cleaning of showers, including removal of hard water stains from glass and glass doors if present
  • Wiping down of walls and fixtures, including partitions, knobs, and doors
  • Thorough washing and disinfecting of counters and sinks
  • Dusting or wiping down all items on counters
  • Cleaning and polishing of faucets
  • Cleaning of all mirrors and light fixtures
  • Disinfecting of toilets and urinals
  • Sweeping and mopping of floors

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Floor Assessment:

  • Our trained technicians thoroughly evaluate your concrete, tile, and grout floors, considering the specific materials and unique cleaning requirements.

Sweeping and Dry Dusting:

  • The process begins with thorough sweeping and dry dusting to eliminate loose dirt, dust, and debris from the surface of the floors.

Specialized Stain Pre-Treatment:

  • Stubborn stains and blemishes on the floors are pre-treated using specialized cleaning solutions. This step is designed to break down and lift away targeted substances effectively.

Deep Cleaning with Advanced Technology:

  • SuperHero Cleaning Services LLC employs state-of-the-art equipment and advanced cleaning technology to achieve deep and effective cleaning. This step focuses on extracting dirt and contaminants from the surface of concrete, tile, and grout.

Meticulous Grout Cleaning:

  • For tile and grout floors, particular attention is given to cleaning grout lines. Our meticulous process eliminates dirt, discoloration, and stains from these porous areas.

Tile Surface Cleaning:

  • The entire tile surface undergoes a thorough cleaning to restore its original shine and remove any accumulated grime or residue.

Specialized Concrete Cleaning (if applicable):

  • We apply specialized cleaning techniques for concrete floors to address the unique characteristics of concrete surfaces, ensuring a clean and refreshed appearance.
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Floor Stripping Wax

Initial Floor Assessment:

  • Our trained technicians thoroughly assess the flooring to determine the type of material, current condition, and the appropriate stripping and waxing process required.

Furniture Removal (if applicable):

  • Any movable furniture is carefully removed from the designated area to ensure unobstructed access during the floor stripping and waxing process.

Dry Dusting and Sweeping:

  • The floor is meticulously dry-dusted and swept to eliminate loose dirt, dust, and debris, ensuring a clean surface for the stripping and waxing procedures.

Stripping Solution Application:

  • A specialized stripping solution is applied to the floor surface. This solution effectively breaks down and removes existing wax, sealers, and other residues from the flooring.

Agitation and Scrubbing:

  • Our team utilizes mechanical or manual scrubbing tools to agitate the stripping solution, ensuring the removal of old wax and residues from the floor surface.

Drying Period:

  • The floor is allowed to dry completely before the waxing process begins. This ensures optimal adhesion and durability of the wax coating.

Wax Application:

  • A high-quality wax suitable for the specific flooring type is applied evenly across the surface. This step enhances the floor’s appearance, provides protection, and facilitates easier maintenance.

Office Cleaning

General Cleaning:

  • Dusting and wiping down surfaces, desks, tables, and other office furniture.

Floor Care:

  • Vacuuming carpets, sweeping and mopping hard floors to remove debris and maintain a clean appearance.

Trash Removal:

  • Emptying waste bins and replacing liners, ensuring a tidy workspace.

Restroom Cleaning:

  • Disinfecting and sanitizing restroom surfaces, including sinks, countertops, mirrors, and fixtures.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets and urinals.
  • Refilling soap dispensers, restocking paper towels, and ensuring an adequate supply of toilet paper.

Kitchen or Break Room Cleaning:

  • Cleaning kitchen appliances, countertops, and sinks.
  • Wiping down tables and chairs.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing microwaves and refrigerators.

Glass Cleaning:

  • Using glass cleaner to clean windows, glass partitions, and other glass surfaces.


  • Dusting of surfaces, ledges, and office equipment to remove accumulated dust.

High-Touch Surface Disinfection:

  • Wiping down frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and shared equipment with disinfectant.

Industrial Cleaning

  • Deep Cleaning and Disinfection: Comprehensive services for the removal of dirt, dust and disinfection in industrial environments.

  • Industrial Floor Maintenance: Specialized treatments to clean and maintain industrial floors, including epoxies and heavy-duty surfaces.

  • Machinery and Equipment Cleaning: Meticulous treatment of industrial machinery and equipment to ensure optimum performance and prolong their useful life.

  • Duct and Ventilation Cleaning: Specialized services to keep industrial duct and ventilation systems clean and clear.

  • High Contact Surface Disinfection: Focus on high contact areas to maintain a hygienic and safe environment.

  • Cleaning of Common Areas and Offices: Maintenance of common areas and offices within industrial facilities.